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Achtung: Diese Software befindet sich in der Testphase und ist nicht für den Produktiveinsatz gedacht.

Microsoft Edge blockiert den Download von unsignierten Apps. (Quickfix: Chrome oder Firefox)
=> Menü Downloads (oben rechts)
=> Das Menü (3 Punkte) der heruntergeladenen Datei öffnen
=> "beibehalten"
=> Im neuen Dialog "Mehr anzeigen" wählen
=> Trotzdem Beibehalten
=> Beim Start der App: Erweitert > "trotzdem starten"

MacOS unterbindet den Start von unsignierten Apps.
=> App einmalig starten
=> Systemeinstellungen
=> Sicherheit
=> 'Start von "next-exam" dennoch erlauben'

Next-Exam 0.3

  • Next-Exam-Student_0.3.0.AppImage
  • Next-Exam-Teacher_0.3.0.AppImage
  • Windows
  • Next-Exam-Student_0.3.0.exe
  • Next-Exam-Teacher_0.3.0.exe
  • MacOS
  • Next-Exam-Student_0.3.0_arm64.dmg
  • Next-Exam-Teacher_0.3.0_arm64.dmg
  • Next-Exam-Student_0.3.0_x64.dmg
  • Next-Exam-Teacher_0.3.0_x64.dmg

  • changelog:
    # fixed disable spellcheck
    # added multiscreen lock - prduction only
    # fixed crash when imagemagick library is missing on linux
    # added checkbox for optional suggestions
    # fixed kiosk mode for gnome desktop
    # fetching IP from network interface with default gateway
    # blocked gnome mutter overlay key binding
    # catching pdf and embedding it in eduvidual
    # added warning when trying to leave page on eduvidual
    # restructured the code.. split main.ts to windowhandler.js and communicationhandler.js
    # teacher and student are now testing for an active network connection on startup

    Next-Exam 0.2

    # moved all server > client communication to client-pull requests (firewall/external hosting friendly)
    # added statusbar and number of characters to editor component
    # added delete button in dashboard explorer
    # added visualfeedback to some tasks
    # spellchecker works now for en-GB, es, de, fr
    # made automatic retreival interval configurable
    # moved send file(s) to firewall friendly method (pull-only)
    # moved requestExam to firewall friendly method
    # trying to make multicast more reliable
    # if multicast is blocked for some reason all we need now is the serverIP - exams will be fetched automagically
    # fixed flickering in student detail view
    # cleanup html + better cleaner css
    # bigger interval for save function
    # added counter for connected students

    Next-Exam 0.1

    # added eduvidal exam mode option
    # fixed fetch abgabe for geogebra mode
    # added exit confirmation to student and teacher (production only)
    # completely changed the way exammode is initialized on server and client.. moved from push messages to pull requests
    # moved focus check out of views into main process, cleaned code
    # restructuring -> moving api and multicastclient to backend, separating co-dependencies from main, api and multicastclient
    # fixed build problem with form-data
    # moved all 3 exam modi to new (modal) window method
    # fixed save trigger
    # fixed virtualized
    # fixed kick and serverlost race condition
    # fixed ui css for 20+ students
    # fixed end exam event for all exam types
    # fixed newWindow show flickering
    # moved multicast client and express api to backend, fixed crypto.getrandomvalues error (teacher)
    # keep name on connection lost, do not open new window on reconnect - keep old exam window
    # fixed config exposing to renderer process
    # version bump - as this is hardly compatible anymore, finally fixed flickering in teacher UI.. yay!

    Next-Exam 0.0.6

    # switched API to HTTPS
    # fixed selfsigned cert error
    # trying to work around windows restrictions delay
    # disabled notification on tokencheck
    # fixed folder naming and sorting for fetching latest files on windows
    # hide windows keyboardshortcut catcher because it sometimes steals focus on exam start
    # added hostname/ip adress to dashboard
    # added advanced and simple mode for rare cases where multicast is not possible
    # added version check to student and teacher
    # changed dashboard css
    # added beautiful notifications to student
    # fixed crash on missing server folder
    # removed platform-folders as native node provides the same functionality without platform specific builds
    # bug fixes for production env
    # streamlined exam login
    # deactivating startexam button if all students are already in kiosk mode

    Next-Exam 0.0.5

    # added servername to workdirectory # changed foldernames exam-student exam-teacher
    # added option to download latestwork of all students as single pdf and directly print
    # added clipboard clean code for gnome and x11
    # fixed clear-clipboard on macos
    # fixed touchbar import for mac - touchbar is blocked
    # added clear clipboard for kde, testing clearclipboard for windows
    # moved temp folder out of workfolder (zip in zip inception)
    # fixed timeout for save trigger
    # added savedocument trigger onAbgabe
    # added name-time header to document on save
    # fixed crash on focuslost because of missing directory
    # added gnome keybindings block
    # removed node global keylistener as it does not work on mac as expected
    # disable/enable all global keyboardshortcuts on linux/KDE
    # keep focus on exam-student in exam mode.. always!
    # fixed filepath error on focuslost



    Sundar Pichai (google) " Open platforms historically undergo a lot of scrutiny, but there are a lot of advantages to having an open source platform from a security standpoint."